Saudi Aramco World: November/December 2013 - page 10

Saudi Aramco World
California growers are
investing heavily in the
expectation of contin-
ued rapid growth of this
Yet the Kerman is not
the perfect nut for every-
one. While it produces a
large, firm nut with good
flavor, many connoisseurs
regard the Sicilian pista-
chio Napoletana to be the
world’s most highly flavored and physically attractive
pistachio nut. Other experts in other countries, unsur-
prisingly, disagree, claiming the pistachio crown for
Turkey’s Uzun or Kırmızı varieties, Syria’s Red Aleppo
or Iran’s Momtaz or Kalehghouchi.
But taste, any grower will say, is but one crite-
rion for success. Kerman is a “heavy producer”—
lots of nuts per tree—and Kerman nuts have a high
A member of the cashew
family and related to sumac,
poison ivy and mango,
pistachios grow in bunches,
left. Above:
This 1837
botanical illustration shows
a whole fruit, then slices
through it vertically and
horizontally; the stone (or
shell); and the edible kernel.
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