Saudi Aramco World: November/December 2013 - page 11

November/December 2013
percentage of natural splits to their shells
that make them easy to open and eat.
The Kerman also grows well in the deep
boric, calcareous soils of the Central Valley,
whose climate resembles those of the
Mediterranean and Central Asia.
And even so, the Kerman did not thrive
unchallenged. In the late 1960’s, early
growers found that it was susceptible to
a common, slow-spreading root disease
called Verticullium wilt. At about the same
time, two friends interested in going into
pistachios—dentist Ken Puryear and row
During the harvest season in late fall,
operators at Dewey Farms use mechan-
ical shakers to work Central Valley
pistachio orchards 24 hours a day, filling
half-ton boxes that are trucked to
processing plants,
There, the nuts
are dried and sorted, and some are
roasted and salted.
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