Saudi Aramco World: January/February 2014 - page 3

Classroom Guide
Written by Julie Weiss
Events & Exhibitions
The Spice Routes
on a Plate
Written and photographed by Felicia Campbell
Millennia of maritime-trade fusions, immigrant
influences and sultry spices make Oman’s cuisine
both global and local, whether it’s seafood soup,
slow-cooked shuwa or any of the three recipes
online at
Pietro della Valle:
Pilgrimof Curiosity
Written by Caroline Stone
400 years ago, in 1614, linguist, book
collector and intellectual polymath
Pietro della Valle set out from Rome
on a dozen years of travel as far east
as India. His volumes of correspon-
dence contain some of the best obser-
vations of his era—from amirs and
archeology to his devotion to the
woman he married in Baghdad, whose
name, he noted, meant “intelligence.”
The Casbah of Algiers:
Endangered Ark
Written by Louis Werner
Photographed by Kevin Bubriski
Often mythologized and even caricatured, the real,
hillside Casbah is a flesh-and-stone cradle of Algerian
independence and home to 80,000 people, some of
whom are working tirelessly to preserve it.
Senegal’s Shepherds of
Written by Jori Lewis
Photographed by Ricci Shryock
Video by Ricci Shryock and Jori Lewis
Each year at ‘Id al-Adha, the Muslim feast of the sacrifice that in
Senegal is called Tabaski, “sheep fever” takes hold as each family
shops for the best it can afford, and breeders show their finest at
the West African nation’s sheep pageant.
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