Saudi Aramco World July/Aug 2014 - page 3

Written by Julie Weiss
Events &
Lebanon’s Renaissance Prince
Written by Ted Gorton
“Small of stature but great in courage and achievements,” recorded an early 17th-century traveler
of Amir (Prince) Fakhr al-Din Ma’n, who was driven into five years of exile—in Italy, hosted by the
de’ Medicis of Tuscany—and whose leadership presaged modern Lebanon.
The Arab Traders
of Singapore
Written and photographed
by Alia Yunis
Encouraged by English colonialists in
the early 19th century, Yemeni Arabs
immigrated to what is now one of the
world’s busiest ports. They prospered,
declined, and today remain proud of
a heritage visible largely in the city’s
newly hip “Arab Quarter.”
The Arab Traders of Colón
Written by Nancy Beth Jackson
Photographed by Meridith Kohut
The Colón Free Zone has grown rapidly into the largest duty-free trade hub in the western hemisphere,
and behind much of that growth is the father-son team of Ahmed and Nidal Waked, who are at the forefront
of Panama’s multi-ethnic community of entrepreneurs.
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