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Brill’s Bridge toArabic

Written by Tom Verde

It started out as many successful businesses do:

with a bit of vision, a prime location and some family

connections. From its first Arabic text in 1732 to today,

Brill’s books helped build the

scholarship of what is

today broadly called

Middle East and

Asian studies.


Travelers of

Al-Andalus, Part



Ibn al-Shaykh and

the Lighthouse of


Written by Maria Jesús Viguera Molins

and Louis Werner

Art by Belén Esturla

Architect and builder by profession,

Ibn al-Shaykh of Málaga wrote

the most accurate

description known of

Egypt’s famous

mariner’s sentinel—

in what was essen-

tially a primer for

children, where it

went unnoticed for

nearly 800 years.



Classroom Guide

Written by Julie Weiss


Events & Exhibitions


If I Forget

You, Don’t

Forget Me

Photographed and written

by Manal AlDowayan

To reconstruct memories of

her late father’s generation,

the artist and author inter-

viewed her father’s peers and

made artifact-based portraits

of his “unique generation that

saw Saudi Arabia at its poor-

est and later at its richest,” a

generation that understands

“what it means to build your

dreams from scratch.”