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Volume 13, Number 1 January 1962

In This Issue

January 1962
Across The Mountains To 'Asir
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr and Abd Al-Latif Yousef

The meadows of wild flowers and the Red Sea beaches of this southwestern corner of the Kingdom stand in strong contrast to the sand scenes in eastern Saudi Arabia.

First Tourist In The Middle East

Herodotus was the best kind of tourist—quite willing to see specific virtues in all the foreign lands he visited and the peoples he came across.

The Greenest of Thumbs

Some people call Abdul Wahab a magician when it comes to growing things, but the nurseryman is the first to attribute his success to plain determination and know-how.


"Isfahan Is Half The World"

Powerful Shah Abbas transformed a sleepy Persian village into a world center of legendary beauty and far-flung commerce.

The Other Discovery: Part I

Aramco found oil in Saudi Arabia ; it also discovered the rich human resources of the Saudi Arab himself.

Ten Thousand Years Of The Bow And Arrow

Even in this day of missiles and deadly firearms, the twang of bowstrings and the whisper of speeding arrows is still heard in many places throughout the world.