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Volume 13, Number 2 February 1962

In This Issue

February 1962
Campaign Against The Shifting Sands

Battle lines are drawn; an all-out fight is being waged against an ancient enemy in Saudi Arabia—the sand.

Champion Of The Faithful

Saladin became the rallying symbol of the sword, raised to halt the Crusader invasion of the Holy Land.


The year is 700 B.C.; the place is Nineveh, stronghold of the Assyrians, who excelled in art and warfare.

Nursing Comes Naturally

Aramco scholarships lend a helping hand to students like Odette Simaan. She typifies the young Arab eager to serve his homeland.

The Other Discovery: Part II

With the rapid increase in local purchasing, Aramco expects in five years to shop for 50 per cent of its supplies right in its own backyard.