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Volume 13, Number 5 May 1962

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May 1962
A Billion Barrels Ago...

A wartime baby grown to maturity, Aramco's Ras Tanura refinery processed its billionth barrel of crude oil this year.

Golden Age Of Muslim Medicine

Islamic physicians and pharmacists created a science out of the loose ends of medical knowledge almost a thousand years ago.

Isle In The Gulf

Long ago, when their Persian Gulf island was known as Dilmun, the people of Bahrain exported pearls and dates; today they count oil among their exports.

Queen Zenobia

Scholar and soldier, this daring woman pitted the armies of Palmyra against the power of Emperor Aurelian's Rome.

The Vanishing Fortress

More than once in the long history of fortifications a proud bastion of defense fell to an enemy's offensive ingenuity.