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Volume 13, Number 8 October 1962

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October 1962
Arabian Odyssey

Into an Englishman's notebook went all the facts that made up a guidebook on Arabia seldom equaled and never surpassed.

"Cedars Of The Lord"

Even kings and pharaohs coveted the wood of the noble trees that grew on Lebanese mountainsides.

The First Emperor

His humble birth held no promise that Sargon I would one day rule the world's first empire.

Oil Stamps

Forty-four nations have found an artistic and practical bond between petroleum and postage.

Saudi Cement

A new concern just outside Hofuf, Saudi Arabia aims to play an important role in backing up the Kingdom's booming construction program.

Time Of The Hunderd Men

When the world around them erupted into war, oilmen in Saudi Arabia turned their skills to some surprising tasks.