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Volume 13, Number 9 November 1962

In This Issue

November 1962
Builder Of Baghdad

Who was the man who supervised the birth of a city destined to be equally celebrated in fact and fiction?

Creatures Of The Dry World

The "critters" of the desert live a happy home life despite extreme water shortages.

Fabric From The Past

Probably the first man-made fabric, felt was around long before man knew how to weave cloth.

Friction: A Riddle in Resistance

"The resistance to motion between two objects in contact" proves to be as much a help as a hindrance to mankind.

Marble For Mecca

Craftsmen at the Jiddah Marble Factory are going full blast these days readying 250,000 square meters of marble for one job alone.

Vanguard At Jubail

The two American geologists who stepped ashore at Jubail, Saudi Arabia 30 years ago had high hopes—but very little proof—that the land in front of them was rich in oil.