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Volume 14, Number 1 January 1963

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January 1963
The First Day Of The World

Folktales that explained just how the earth started spinning passed from father to son among ancient peoples.

Islamic Sicily

There's an Italian island in the sunny Mediterranean that retains much of its proud Muslim past.

The Middle East In Old Prints

Before the camera was invented, it was up to artists and engravers to take armchair travelers on picture journeys to far-off lands.

Red Sea

Here's the story of a high-adventure waterway whose role in 1963 is no less exciting than her long history as a highway for traders and soldiers.

Say It In Arabic

"No sooner said than done" could very well apply to the American children who are learning Arabic by speaking it in Aramco schools in Saudi Arabia.

Seven Wells Of Dammam

It took a lot of faith in the future for pioneer oil men in Saudi Arabia to keep right on drilling when their first six wells yielded practically no oil.