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Volume 14, Number 2 February 1963

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February 1963
According to Strabo

His tour of the Middle East 2,000 years ago turned up some facts that still intrigue today's travelers.

A Boy's-eye View of Dammam Port
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

Any boy would have fun visiting a big seaport, but it's twice as exciting if he can go aboard a ship to meet the captain and watch dock operations from the cab of a towering crane.

Fancy's Favorite Planet

More is known about Mars than any other planet, but every new discovery only adds new mysteries for people on earth to wonder about.

Oil That Grows on Trees

It takes the farmer's hand, rather than the oilman's rig, to produce certain kinds of oil.

The Search Began in 1933

The first American geologists to arrive in Saudi Arabia believed they could find oil—the problem was where to start looking for it in 300,000 square miles of desert.

A Visit to Some Early Cities

They weren't exactly cities as cities are today, but they were man's first experiments at urban living.