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Volume 14, Number 3 March 1963

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March 1963
The Crocodile's Tale

From teeth to tail, members of this notoriously cranky family are all business.

The Curious Ways Of Water

Scientists have discovered that a most common substance has some of the most uncommon habits.

Dhahran International Airport

Jetliners from all points of the compass touch down in Saudi Arabia at an airfield with the finest in facilities.

Jordan's Desert Castles

No one lives in them now, but long ago they were "country homes" where caliphs spent their leisure time.

Scholars On The Job

Aramco's summer training program gives Saudi Arab college students a chance to try out what they've learned in school.

The Splendid Sultan

Once upon a time, there reigned in the old city of Baghdad a sovereign known as Haroun al-Rashid.