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Volume 14, Number 4 April 1963

In This Issue

April 1963
Cultured Cordova

The capital of Islamic Spain offered fame and fortune to many an artist.

A Day In The Life Of A Saudi Arab Doctor

Aramco's Dhahran Health Center, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia offers all the challenges and rewards of a career in medicine to Dr. Fayik Abdi.

Famous Streets Of The Middle East

Here's a picture stroll along some Middle Eastern "main" streets.

Lands That Never Were

World geography includes some mighty strange places that exist only on imagination's maps.

Oil Tomorrow

A look ahead gives petroleum an exciting role in the world of tomorrow.

Petroleum's Private Parlance

Oil men have a way of hanging very appropriate—and colorful—nametags on themselves and oil field equipment.

They "Dig" History

It's the job of archaeologists to uncover the story of cities and cultures that disappeared centuries ago.