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Volume 15, Number 2 March/April 1964

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March/April 1964
From The Artist's Hand

Across the Middle East a generation of artists is uniting a rich past with the challenges of the present.

Putting The Wind To Work

Sailors on two great Middle Eastern Rivers were among the first to find out how to build a better boat.

Samarkand, 751 A. D.

Twelve centuries ago an Arab general routed a Chinese army and came home with some very unusual prisoners.

Sea-Going Drilling Rig
Written by The Editors

When the oil reservoir is under Persian Gulf waters, then it's a job for Aramco Mobile Drilling Platform No. 1.

"Suleiman The Lawgiver"
Written by The Editors

He is remembered more for the order his rule brought than for the far-flung lands his armies conquered.

Towers Of Islam

Five times each day the call to prayer goes out to 400 million Muslims from slim fingers of stone.