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Volume 15, Number 3 May/June 1964

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May/June 1964
The Chemist Of Hit
Written by The Editors

The science of chemistry got its start when Middle Easterners began to probe into the secrets of common substances.

In The Wake Of Sindbad
Written by The Editors

Today's Persian Gulf sailors are likely to be Aramco employees bent on a nautical weekend.

Light Up The Night
Written by The Editors

In those lands where civilization began, the oil lamp, plain and fancy, was created to chase away the darkness.

Saudi Arab Driller
Written by The Editors

There are plenty of questions to be asked and answered before a man can handle a machine as complex as a drilling rig.

Schooldays, 1780 B.C.
Written by The Editors

Back then, a boy's textbooks were made of clay and his teacher was boss.

Theater Traditions Of The Desert Lands
Written by The Editors

It's only natural that the peoples of the Middle East are becoming enthusiastic "first-nighters."