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Volume 15, Number 5 September/October 1964

In This Issue

September/October 1964
Byblos: Middleman Of History
Written by John Ballantine

The conquerors came, the merchants remained ... to trade their way across, the known world.

Currents In The River
Written by 'Abbas Mahmoud Al-'Akkad

Toward independence and originality ... seven decades of change in Arabic, literature.

The Horned Dilemma
Written by William Tracy

Goats are valuable, trees are vulnerable… to reforest eroded lands.

The Long Steel Shortcut
Written by Daniel Da Cruz

Overland to the Mediterranean flows the oil ... the story of Tapline, then, since and now.

People Of The Camel
Written by Robert L. Headley

Deep in the barren regions called "The Sands" ... they spawned a legend and gave it substance.