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Volume 16, Number 3 May/June 1965

In This Issue

May/June 1965
Written by Saad Ed-Din Tewfic

On nine new sound stages in Cairo's "Cinema City" ... the movie capital of the Middle East girds for battle.

The Mosque on Massachusetts Avenue
Written by William Geerhold

By the tree-lined flank of a broad and busy boulevard ... a single minaret reaches upward from Washington.

The Restless Sands
Written by William Tracy

From the villagers of al-Hasa came an urgent appeal ... Help us, they said, before the desert destroys us.

Silks and Seeds and Silver Swords
Written by Daniel Da Cruz

They've got what you want; they've got what you don't... They'll sell if you'll buy and even if you won't.

Where Honor Dwells
Written by Rosalind Mazzawi

Courageous, faithful, gentle, intelligent and hardy ... they're Arabians, the most famous horses in the world.