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Volume 17, Number 1 January/February 1966

In This Issue

January/February 1966
City Of The Palms
Written by Jan Van Os
Photographed by T. F. Walters

An obscure village, it rose to power, wealth and glory... and became Palmyra, the greatest of the caravan cities.

How They Find The Oil
Written by Daniel Da Cruz
Photographed by T. F. Walters

In swamps and jungles, on the high seas, in arid deserts... the search for oil, the long, hard search, goes on and on.

The Little 'Id
Written by Fuad Rayess
Photographed by Sa'id Al-Ghamidi

With the glitter of moonlight and the thunder of cannon... the end of a long fast, the beginning of a long feast.

Music In The Middle East
Written by Afif Alvarez Boulos
Illustrated by Don Thompson

From the lurching rhythm of the camel's desert stride... a basic beat and the roots of a musical tradition.

Ski Lebanon!
Written and photographed by William Tracy

On the huge open slopes high above the Mediterranean... a mountain full of skiers and an avalanche of plans.

Time Of Trial
Written by Nabih Amin Faris
Photographed by Sa'id Al-Ghamidi

Through the quiet hours of the day from dawn to sunset... the fast of Ramadan, a holy, exacting act of worship.