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Volume 18, Number 1 January/February 1967

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January/February 1967
The Fourth Holy City
Written by John Anthony

From the desert sands, they say, came forth a spring ... And in the spring, they say, there lay a cup of gold.

Written and photographed by Kenneth R. Blevins

With infinite patience and skills as old as the ages... Arab craftsmen shape deadly blades into items of beauty.

On The Streets Of Beirut
Written by Lorenzo Vacchiotti

Through the questing eye of a wandering photographer... The city of Beirut as it used to be but won't be long.

The Rear Guard Press
Written by William Geerhold
Photographed by Black Star

In small cluttered offices and tiny scattered print shops.... the editors of America's Arab press fight bravely on.

To Pull The Cork
Written by Keith Carmichael
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

First they check the surface; then they test the structure ... But to know for sure they drill down and see.

The Tower Of Babel
Written by Friedrich Ragette

"And the ... earth was of one language and one speech ..." So begins on of the Bible's greatest stories.