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Volume 18, Number 4 July/August 1967

In This Issue

July/August 1967
Dry—But Why?
Written by Daniel Da Cruz
Photographed by T. F. Walters

From the steppes of Asia to the dunes of the Sahara ... arid wastelands and the almost lifeless desert worlds.

For A Bright Eternity
Photographed by Werner Forman

Through symbolic art consigned to darkened tombs ... they conquered death and served its timeless needs.

Jerash Reborn
Written by Jan Van Os
Photographed by T. F. Walters

Out of the drifting sand and rubble of eight centuries ... another remnant of Roman rule in the province of Syria.

Oil In 1990
Written by Keith Carmichael
Illustrated by Don Thompson

To meet the enormous demands of the world of tomorrow...petroleum's planners are making their forecasts today.

The Story Of Bertha Vester
Written by Elias Antar
Photographed by Robert Mottar

She came as Bertha Spafford; she stayed as Bertha Vester ... and became, to those she served, "mother of mercy".

Taif: City Of Color
Written by Frank T. Boylan
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

Although the map points east, the real direction is up ... up where the air is cool and the sunshine tastes of lemon.