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Volume 21, Number 2 March/April 1970

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March/April 1970
Cotton Castle
Written and photographed by William Tracy

The Romans did well by Pamukkale but Nature, with a wealth of calcium drawn from the waters of a hot stream bubbling to the surface high above the Meander River, did better.

Discovery! The Story of Aramco Then: Chapter 13: The Time of the Hundred Men
Written by Wallace Stegner
Illustrated by Don Thompson

For the Hundred Men the dwindling supplies of wartime meant tight belts and short rations. For Steve Furman it meant a farm, a ranch and a cattle drive to scare the chaps off a Texas cowhand.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...Nabil Fawzi!

It was all very confusing. The man looked like Clark Kent but was called Nabil Fawzi . . .and the man vaulting over Metropolis looked like Superman but seemed to be speaking Arabic.

The Last of the Hermits
Written by James Wellard
Illustrated by Don Thompson

Forty years ago Father Abd al-Masih walked from Ethiopia to Egypt—a journey of 1,500 miles—to become a monk. But even that, he found, was not enough.

Roberts of the Prints
Written by John Brinton
Illustrated by David Roberts

As an artist David Roberts was a photographer without a camera, a man whose romantic, yet fantastically accurate drawings of the Middle East have rarely been equaled and never excelled.