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Volume 21, Number 4 July/August 1970

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July/August 1970
The Arabs at Osaka
Written by Paul F. Hoye
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

At Osaka in Japan, site of the Orient's first world exposition, the Arabs are a hit, and Saudi Arabia, to everyone's delighted surprise, is a smash hit.

Discovery! The Story of Aramco Then: Chapter 14:The Frontier Closes
Written by Wallace Stegner
Illustrated by Don Thompson

Now that war had come, the company newly called Aramco had to grow—and grow fast. The "Hundred Men" became a thousand and their beloved frontier days passed irrevocably into history.

Expo East: Fun, Fantasy and Futurism

They've mixed Disney with Darwin, Wright with Hiroshige, MIT with Coney Island. The result is a gay and gaudy, yet brilliant and imaginative Expo '70.

Islam in Taiwan
Written by Peter G. Gowing
Photographed by Max Abellaneda

From mainland China in 1949 came 20,000 Chinese Muslims, representatives of an ancient often-forgotten branch of Islam now 20 million strong.

A Land, A Poet, A Festival
Photographed by William Tracy

The love Kahlil Gibran felt for the mountainous land of his birth is reflected in his poetry, a love Lebanon returned this spring in a week-long international celebration.

New GOSP for Safaniya
Written by Brainerd S. Bates
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

Out of the water some 25 miles out in the Arabian Gulf rose three steel platforms—to help Aramco speed production from the world's largest offshore oil field.