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Volume 22, Number 4 July/August 1971

In This Issue

July/August 1971
Building On Tradition—2
Written by Friedrich Ragette
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

Even in Lebanon, long a spearhead of westernization in the Middle East,  today's architects are reintroducing the themes of an earlier Arab period.

Coins Of The Realms
Written by Robert Obojski

No one would think that Neil Armstrong, Simon Bolivar, Napoleon, Richard Nixon and Shaikh Mohamad Bin Hamad Alsharqi would have anything in common. But in the Arabian Gulf they do.

Ho! Boatman!: Or a phrase-book revisited
Written by John Anthony
Illustrated by Don Thompson

You fly to Arabia. You get through customs and see a taxi. You open your phrase-book and in your best Arabic you say..."!"

Search For Imhotep
Written by Raymond M. Wilkinson
Photographed by Nik Wheeler

On the treasure-strewn plateau of Sakkara Walter Emery began his last dig. "Imhotep is here," he said, "and I will find him."

She Says It With Sound
Written by William Tracy
Photographed by Nik Wheeler

Onto the stage of a Beirut concert hall this winter came Cynthia Katchadourian, poised, pert, gifted—and only seven years old.

A Talk With Philip Hitti
Written by John R. Starkey

In his gracious Princeton home the father of Middle East studies in America looks back to Lebanon where, 87 years ago, it all began.