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Volume 22, Number 5 September/October 1971

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September/October 1971
Another Kind of Whitewash Job
Written by Brainerd S. Bates
Photographed by S. M. Amin

A thousand miles is a lot of pipe to paint, but a handful of ordinary lawn sprinklers and a little imagination are making the job easier for Aramco.

Fouad Sa'id: The Man Who Showed Hollywood How
Written by Bart Sheridan
Photographed by Robert Azzi

Fouad Sa'id, a dynamic Egyptian who grew up in a Cairo movie studio, is—quite literally—turning Hollywood movie making inside out.

Jiddah's Balconies: "Splendid, Bright"
Written by Harry Alter
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

Behind crisscrossed shadows, the lattice-work of another era still provides cool and private havens from the heat and noise of old Jiddah.

La Danse du Ventre
Written by Elias Antar
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

Belly dancing, that ancient, much-misunderstood Arab art form, might not earn a G rating, but to many people's surprise it rates much more than an X.

Sand Sailer
Written and photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

When Tapline's puttering Putnams decided to try weekend sailing the fact that they lived in the heart of the Arabian Desert didn't stop them for a minute.

The Street Cries of Damascus
Written by George Taylor
Illustrated by Penny Williams-Yaqub

"In the moonlight she stretched!... From under the dew I gathered them!... Refresh thy heart!... Mother of two fires!... Appease your mother-in-law! Strengthen your blood!... Food for the aristocracy!"