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Volume 23, Number 4 July/August 1972

In This Issue

July/August 1972
Fayrouz on Tour
Written and photographed by William Tracy

From Beirut to Boston and on—to New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Montreal and San Francisco.

Kalila Wa Dimna
Written by Paul Lunde
Illustrated by Don Thompson

A book with a point, and a best-seller for 2,000 years, it has been translated at least 200 times into 50 different languages.

Report to Readers
Written by The Editors

If you get 1,500 replies, the specialist said, be glad. That was last summer, and this May the questionaires were still coming in.

Sailing to Damascus
Written by John Brinton

Millions of people have visited Damascus over the years, but James MacGregor is probably the only one to have gone there by canoe.

A Talk with Bayard Dodge
Written by Elizabeth Starkey
Photographed by Tor Eigeland

"That is where our influence has been important...we got to many people when they were young and trained not only minds but characters."

"To the Olives!"
Written by Michael E. Jansen
Photographed by Jasper Brinton

Nothing is more individualistic than the olive tree—except perhaps, the man who cultivates this stubborn, sulky and ageless plant.