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Volume 23, Number 5 September/October 1972

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September/October 1972
The Arabian In America
Written by Claude Stanush
Photographed by Katrina Thomas

In the U.S., where mechanization made the horse obsolete 50 years ago, a horse the Greeks called Pegasus is coming back to life.

The Authoritative Al-Ahram
Written by Nancy B. Turck
Photographed by Nik Wheeler

For years news stories from the Middle East have begun, "The authoritative Al-Ahram said yesterday that..."

The Gentle Art Of Forgery
Written by George Taylor

Forgery, like coinage, began in the Mediterranean, and today's forgers are heirs to a tradition nearly 2,000 years old.

King Tut Goes To London
Written by Arturo F. Gonzalez
Photographed by Peter Keen

In London, more than a million people have lined up for hours to see the priceless—and perhaps accursed—treasures of Egypt's famous pharaoh.

To Catch The Wind
Photographed by Robert Azzi

The seafarers and merchants of Dubai and Sharjah have devised ingenious "wind towers" to funnel shifting breezes into the interiors of their homes.

To The Poles
Photographed and written by William Tracy

Like politicians everywhere, Lebanese candidates for last spring's elections believed that it pays to advertise.