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Volume 23, Number 6 November/December 1972

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November/December 1972
A Greening In The Arab East
Written by Joseph Fitchett
Photographed by Nik Wheeler

"It's a buffalo gourd," the farmer-researcher said. "Rich in protein. And if it yields like this in the desert it could be part of the answer."

Manuscripts of Muslim Spain
Written by David James
Photographed by Peter Keen

The craftsmen of Islamic Spain and North Africa didn't just work on their celebrated architecture; they also created lovely, but little-known, illuminated manuscripts.

Written by Helen Gibson
Photographed by Nik Wheeler

In a hospital with a difference, Egyptian veterinarians care for both Cairo's pampered pets and the hardworking draft animals of the city's numerous cart owners.

Positively Earthshaking
Written by Brainerd S. Bates

In Saudi Arabia outlandish new vehicles shake things up to help decipher the geologic mysteries which lie below the surface of the desert.

A Talk With Violet Dickson
Written and photographed by William Tracy

A vibrant British woman who has lived over 40 years in Kuwait tells of the changes which have come to its people since she went there with her husband in 1929.

A Wedding in Tyre
Written by Diane Willman
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

The two young archaeologists restored the 18th-century church, found two older churches beneath it, then decided it would be a good place for a wedding.