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Volume 24, Number 1 January/February 1973

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January/February 1973
Arabs In The Air
Written by Frederick King Poole
Photographed by Wasim Tchorbachi

Flying, a skill once limited to western-trained experts, is becoming a career well within the reach of many sky-minded Arab boys.

By The Walls Damascus
Illustrated by Frank Beck

The once-impregnable barrier to one of the world's oldest cities is today one of its most charming and picturesque quarters.

The Droop Snoot in the Middle East
Photographed by A. A. Al-Mentakh and Khalil Abou El Nasr

Airports serving Dhahran. Beirut. Tehran and Bahrain had a tantalizing glimpse into the future last summer when the supersonic Concorde came to call.

Impressions of Arabia
Written and illustrated by Penny Williams-Yaqub

After weeks of travel in Saudi Arabia, artist Penny Williams painted and drew some memorable scenes of the Kingdom, east and west.

Location: Lebanon
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr and John Taylor

Lebanon's California climate and lush settings are drawing cost-conscious filmmakers—and top-drawer stars—from around the world.

Petroleum and the Postage Stamp
Written by Robert Obojski

For 30 years stamp collectors have been compiling a tiny but graphic history of the oil industry throughout the Middle East.