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Volume 24, Number 5 September/October 1973

In This Issue

September/October 1973
Al-Azhar: A Millennial
Written by Michael E. Jansen
Photographed by John Feeney

Al-Azhar, Cairo's resplendent mosque—and the world's oldest university—recently celebrated a thousand years of service to Islamic education.

Bridge Across the Bosporus
Written and photographed by Robert Arndt

This fall a graceful new 4,900-foot suspension bridge will open to traffic across the Bos­porus, linking Europe to the Middle East and fulfilling a dream 3,000 years old.

I.C.: A Centennial
Written by John Fistere
Photographed by Wasim Tchorbachi

To celebrate its 100th anniversary. International College in Lebanon moved to a splendid new hilltop campus—and looked ahead critically at its second century.

The Imperial Capital
Written by Philip K. Hitti
Illustrated by Penny Williams-Yaqub

In the 7th and 8th centuries, Damascus was not merely the seat of the Islamic caliphate, but also capital of an empire greater than Rome's.

Wine of Arabia—1
Written by Paul Lunde
Illustrated by Ed Davis

About 500 years ago, an Arab in Ethiopia stumbled onto the drink that may have altered history—and will certainly be part of it.

Wine of Arabia—2
Written by Jon Mandaville
Illustrated by Ed Davis

Early in the 16th century, doctors, administrators and jurists opened a great debate over a controversial new beverage. A hundred years later it was still raging.