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Volume 25, Number 2 March/April 1974

In This Issue

March/April 1974
Aesop of the Arabs
Written by Paul Lunde
Photographed by Don Thompson

From the folklore of the Arabs: Luqman bin 'Ad, an ancient Polonius who lived a long time, thought a great deal, and left the fruits of his wisdom to posterity.

The Bey from Virginia
Written by Betty Patchin Greene
Illustrated by Don Thompson

He began as a sailor for the Confederacy, became a soldier of fortune in Latin America, and ended as an explorer and administrator in the court of the Khedive Ismael.

A Dam in Saudi Arabia
Photographed by A. L. Yusif

To improve agricultural output, contractors poured some five million cubic feet of concrete to complete this dam, near Jaizan, in southeastern Saudi Arabia.

Diary of a Dig
Written by Elizabeth Rodenbeck
Illustrated by Don Thompson

In the rubble that was Fustat, once a capital of Islam, a midwestern housewife plunges into the arcane techniques of archeologicaI exploration and learns an empire's history.

Ghosts Ships in the Gulf
Written and photographed by Clifford W. Hawkins

To this day Arab dhows sail the blue waters of the East, weather-beaten, hand-crafted ghosts from another age, carrying the products of this one.

Nursing in the Arab East
Written by Michael E. Jansen

The pay is low, the hours long and the challenge enormous: better health for the diverse peoples in the villages, the cities, the deserts and the mountains of the Arab world.