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Volume 26, Number 3 May/June 1975

In This Issue

May/June 1975
Abla: Queen of the Nile
Written by Anthony Hogan
Photographed by John Feeney

At 13 Abla Khairy of Egypt swam the English Channel—the youngest swimmer ever to do so. Now she wants to try it again but this time break a channel record.

Arab Jamboree
Written and photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

Like Scouts everywhere, the boys and girls who attended the Arab scout jamborees last summer were prepared—for an intra-Arab adventure in scouting.

Divers of Arabia
Written by Jackie Drucker
Photographed by S. M. Amin

They started with a rented boat, a couple of diving helmets and an idea. Today they own 20 ships, employ 70 specialists and run the Gulf's largest undersea operation.

A Mosque for Regent's Park
Written by Helen Gibson
Photographed by David Atkins

Next year in Regent's Park an unusual shape will edge onto London's skyline: the white minaret and golden dome of a new mosque for Britain's 600,000 Muslims.

Rahmah of the Gulf
Written by Jon Mandaville
Photographed by Penny Williams-Yaqub

To some he was a pirate, to others a patriot, to all a poet. This was the colorful Rahmah, a hero in the folklore of the Arabian Gulf.

Spring in Lebanon
Photographed by G. Gene Johnson

Spring comes early in Lebanon, cascading down to the sea from snowy mountain slopes in successive waves of green, pink, purple, yellow and blue.