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Volume 26, Number 5 September/October 1975

In This Issue

September/October 1975
Embassy Ahoy!
Written by Joseph Fitchett
Illustrated by Penny Williams-Yaqub

In 1840, the first Arab ambassador to the United States came to New York, presented credentials and opened an embassy—aboard the ship that brought him there.

Plow-Back: The Use of Arab Money
Written by Bertrand P. Boucher and Harbans Singh

Are the "oil-rich" Arabs and Iranians buying the Western world? If not, where are the billions of petrodollar earnings going?

The Salmon Arab
Written and photographed by Peter Harrison Smith

Scientists have long puzzled over the rare Salmon Arab, whose annual disappearance and long migration to the Indian Ocean are marvels of the insect world.

Suez: The Opening
Written by Edmund S. Whitman
Photographs courtesy of The Compagnie de Suez

Would Sir Frederick, the invitation read, be the honored guest of the Khedive at the opening of the new canal in Egypt? Yes, Sir Frederick decided, he certainly would.

Suez: The Reopening
Written by Robert Arndt
Photographed by Thomas Sennett

After eight years of stagnation, no one knew if the Suez Canal could be reopened. No one, that is, but the brave men who opened it.

The Tin-Box Photos
Written by Katrina Thomas
Photographs courtesy of The Jafet Memorial Library, The American University of Beirut

Before photography became an amateur sport, tourists in the Middle East bought pictures from professional photographers and kept their memories in a tin box.