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Volume 27, Number 1 January/February 1976

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January/February 1976
Antiques From The Middle East
Written by Helen Gibson
Photographed by Peter Keen

At home it was a candy jar. At Christie's it became a rare, 14th-century covered bowl from Syria. In a museum it's now worth $32,500.

Islam in Russia
Written by John M. Munro
Photographed by John M. Keshishian

The "golden road to Samarkand" is no longer the adventure it once was. But the monuments of Islam to which it led endure to this day.

More Generous Than Hatim
Written by Jon Mandaville
Illustrated by Brian Smith

Everyone has folk heroes. Robin Hood in England. Davy Crockett in America. And Hatim in Arabia.

Stephens and the Gentle Arabs
Written by John Brinton

He gave America a new view of the Middle East, was the first American in Petra and the discoverer of Yucatan's Mayan ruins.

Waldmeier's Watercolors

Tucked away in a dusty drawer in a mountain school: two small volumes of paintings and sketches of life in Lebanon during the 19th century.