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Volume 27, Number 2 March/April 1976

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March/April 1976
Carving Their Names on the Walls of Time
Written by Richard Usborne

Among 19th-century visitors to Petra was the man who popularized the limerick, and a clergyman who wrote one of the best-known lines in English verse.

The French Description
Written by John M. Munro

After 150 years, the most enduring trace of Napoleon's occupation of Egypt is a monumental 20-volume Description of everything known about the ancient land to 1826.

Golden Dust
Written and photographed by Rami G. Khouri

Jordan's phosphate industry is a dusty business, but because of world demand for fertilizers—and soaring usage—it is taking on a golden hue.

Persepolis, City of the Persians
Written by John Sabini
Photographed by William Tracy

Two thousand five hundred years ago the Persian Empire extended from southern Europe to the borders of India, and Darius built Persepolis as the symbol of its glory.

Sharper Than the Sword
Written by Joseph Fitchett

Arab cartoonists, like their brothers the world over, champion the "Little Man" in his constant struggle with bureaucracy, fads and the high cost of living.

A Walk in the high Lebanon
Written by George Taylor
Photographed by Penny Williams-Yaqub

An English family leaves the populous coast to walk through a high limestone wilderness where once, dense cedar forests hid the sanctuary of an ancient sylvan god.