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Volume 27, Number 4 July/August 1976

In This Issue

July/August 1976
Air Raid! A Sequel
Written by William E. Mulligan
Illustrated by Don Thompson

Recent research clears up some lingering mysteries about a daring 3,000-mile raid on Arabian Gulf oil installations by Italian warplanes early in the Second World War.

The Appointed Rounds
Written by Paul Lunde
Illustrated by Brian Smith

Using camels, mules, runners and pigeons, postmasters of the Islamic states centuries ago could race messages—and information—throughout the Middle East.

A Conference in Istanbul
Written by John Lawton
Photographed by Ara Guler

In Istanbul, a city which was once the seat of the Caliphate, foreign ministers from 42 modern Muslim nations met in May to debate, plan and forge new ties.

Islam in Greece
Written and photographed by Pamela Roberson

The Ottoman Turks carried the banner of Islam into Greece in 1354, and in Thrace, seven centuries later, the muezzin still calls the faithful to prayer five times each day.

Last of the Temples
Written and photographed by Ed Mullis

In Nubia, archeologists are rescuing the monuments of Philae, the final project in an ambitious international campaign to save 22 ancient temples from the Nile.

To Value The Past
Written and photographed by William Tracy

In Qatar, on the Arabian Gulf, a new museum reminds young citizens of the nation's proud seafaring past and nomadic origins as they rush toward modern development.