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Volume 29, Number 1 January/February 1978

In This Issue

January/February 1978
Classroom in the sky
Written by Daniel Da Cruz
Photographed by Robert Arndt

In just 12 years Jordan's fledgling aero club has blossomed into the Royal Jordanian Air Academy, the largest civil aviation school in the Middle East.

The Domes of Cairo
Written and photographed by John Feeney

Often unseen, frequently unnoticed, the domes of Cairo have been an essential, if subtle, part of the city's beauty since the time of the Fatimids.

Written by Paul Lunde
Photographed by Khalil Abou El Nasr

In the West today, the sauna is a hot item. But in the Muslim world something very similar has been an important part of community hygiene for centuries.

To Travel the Earth
Written by Frances Carney Gies
Illustrated by Michael Turner

Muhammad Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Battuta was not the only Muslim traveler, but, as his travel book proves, he was the greatest of his time.

A Trove in Turin
Written by Nancy Jenkins
Photographed by Gian Luigi Scarfiotti

In Turin, the Museo Egizio di Torino guards an important collection of Egyptian art and, more importantly, the story of Egyptian civilization.