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Volume 30, Number 2 March/April 1979

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March/April 1979
The Beauty of Bedouin Jewelry
Written by Heather Colyer Ross
Photographed by Ian Yeomans

Bedouin jewelry - which is among the loveliest in the world - leads a collector from the women's suq of Riyadh to the mines of King Solomon and the pueblos of Mexico.

A Forest of Obelisks
Written by Paul Lunde
Photographed by Harold Sequeira

Amid the roaring traffic of modem Rome stand the obelisks of Egypt - hammered from the rock of Aswan, erected and re-erected, rowed to Rome and, unearthed from the ruins, erected once again.

Growing up in Damascus
Written by Mounir R. Sa'Adah
Illustrated by Neville Mardell

"... memories are difficult to trace; they tend to float to the surface in the wrong order. Still, there are some that a boy never forgets..."

Ibn Fadlan and the Midnight Sun
Written by Caroline Stone
Illustrated by Michael Turner

From a 10th-century chronicle: the story of a 2,500 mile journey from Baghdad to the snow-covered lands of the north and the travelers' first sight of the Aurora Borealis .

Stamps and the Story of Language
Written by Robert Obojski

In the Arab East, where written languages first evolved from pictograph to alphabet, special stamps commemorate the highlights of this development, and its impact on education.

A Walk Through History
Written by Barry Reynolds
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

In quiet exhibits and a melange of films, Saudi Arabia's new Museum of Archeology and Ethnography recreates the evolution of the Arabian Peninsula and its long journey through history.