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Volume 30, Number 3 May/June 1979

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May/June 1979

America as Alma Mater:

For this issue of Aramco World, Katrina Thomas, who wrote most of it and photographed all of it, crisscrossed the United States, spent a week at Harvard and squeezed in two extra weeks of interviews and photography during a Christmas ski trip to Utah. For Thomas, however, who is based in New York, long trips on Aramco World assignments have become standard practice. For her first assignment—"The Arab Woman" (March-April 1971)—she traveled throughout the Arab world, and for "Partners in Growth" (January-February 1977) she made five long trips through the United States. For William Tracy, who researched and wrote most of the material concerning U.S. alumni in Saudi Arabia, the assignment presaged a homecoming. A former assistant editor of this magazine, he now works in Dhahran, where he grew up. —The Editors


America as Alma Mater
Written and photographed by Katrina Thomas
Arabic, Arabists and Academia
A Scattering of Scholars
The Students and the States