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Volume 30, Number 4 July/August 1979

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July/August 1979
Arabian Nights - and Art Nouveau
Written by Rebecca Bruns
Photographed by Anne Turner Bruno

Like Kipling in literature, time and fashion have passed him by. Once, though, Edmund Dulac's lush colors and romantic visions filled England's books - and children's dreams.

KFSH: Showcase of the Future
Written by Mary-Jo McConahay
Photographed by Terry Webb

Four years ago, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia opened the King Faisal Specialist Hospital - a showcase of 21st-century medicine, a model for future health care and a monument to the man who planned it.

The Nubians in Brooklyn
Written by William H. Rockett
Photographed by Nicholas Kourides

To the Brooklyn Museum last year came 100,000 people eager to see the arts of ancient Nubia, now, for the first time, emerging from the giant shadow of ancient Egypt.

Siwa: Resort of Kings
Written by Khalil Abou El Nasr
Photographed by John Feeney

To compare observations and photographs made from space with the actual terrain, a party of geologists traveled to the edge of the Great Sand Sea - to Egypt's Siwa Oasis, once a resort of kings.

The Turn of a Century
Written and illustrated by Paul Lunde

In the West it's the 20th century - A.D. But in the world of Islam, where the calendar started on a different date, the 14th century - A. H. - is just drawing to a close.