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Volume 31, Number 1 January/February 1980

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January/February 1980
Piri Reis and the Hapgood Hypotheses
Written by Paul F. Hoye and Paul Lunde

Pound in Istanbul, the ancient Ottoman map electrified some scholars, mystified others, and raised baffling questions still unanswered to this day.

The Smell of Time
Written by Nancy Jenkins
Photographed by John G. Ross

"I closed my eyes... and then, with my eyes closed, I smelled incense ...a very holy... smell. I smelled time. I smelled centuries. I smelled history. And then I was sure the boat was there".

Their Fathers' Sons
Written by Barry Reynolds
Photographed by Burnett H. Moody

The students of UPM - the University of Petroleum and Minerals - embody the past and future of Saudi Arabia, a nation determined to have both without destroying either.

Windmills: From Jiddah to Yorkshire
Written by Paul Lunde
Photographed by Brian Smith

Like the tulip, windmills came to Europe through the Islamic world, and today in new, more efficient forms, are spinning again - or will be soon - in places like Yorkshire, North Carolina and Quebec.

Years of the Child
Written by John Lawton and Katrina Thomas

In the Arab world, every year is the year of the child, but last year - the United Nations' International Year of the Child, now winding down - Arab countries made special and memorable efforts.