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Volume 31, Number 6 November/December 1980

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November/December 1980
Fashion in the Sand
Written and photographed by Heather Colyer Ross

Though few Westerners know it, Bedouin dress, like Bedouin jewelry, is an art form as lovely as it is practical and reflects, like architecture, a rich esthetic sensibility.

Footsore and Fancy-Free
Written by John Brinton
Illustrated by Neville Mardell

The first American in the Middle East got there by way of Dartmouth College, Alaska and Russia, with a little help from friends like Captain Cook and Thomas Jefferson.

A Giraffe for Tamerlane
Written by Barry Hoberman
Illustrated by Neville Mardell

In the 15th century a party of Mamluks from Egypt set off for Samarkand with a gift for the fearsome Tamerlane: a giraffe. The Mamluks rode, but the giraffe had to walk.

Voyage to the Past
Written by Thor Heyerdahl
Photographed by The Tigris Expedition

Believing that the world's seas pined, not separated, man's early civilizations, the explorer sets out on his third marine expedition in a reed boat - this time from Mesopotamia to the Indus and back to Africa.

We Three Kings of Orient Were
Written by Caroline Stone
Illustrated by Michael Turner

According to tradition the Three Wise Men - or the Three Kings - came to Bethlehem from the East. But where in the East? Who were they? And what was the meaning of their gifts?