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Volume 32, Number 2 March/April 1981

In This Issue

March/April 1981
Arabic and the Art of Printing: A Special Section
Written by Paul Lunde
Illustrations courtesy of Cambridge University Library
The Camel in Retrospect
Written by Daniel Da Cruz and Paul Lunde

The camel outworked the elephant, out-plowed the mule, outdistanced the ox and even managed to scare some Indians. With its Bedouin masters, the camel also mastered the desert and changed history forever.

Formula One
Written by John Lawton
Photographed by Michael Turner

Across the finish line it came — the sleek white racing car that put Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain, into the forefront of international Grand Prix racing with six national prizes and two world championships.

A Kingdom of Traders
Written by Philip C. Hammond
Photographed by Michael Grimsdale

The Nabateans built a magnificent rock city in the midst of nowhere and a thriving, mercantile civilization that became the envy of Rome.

Mosques, Minarets and Stamps
Written by Robert Obojski

For more than a century, the Islamic world, from Malaysia to Morocco, has been producing thousands of postage stamps depicting the beauty of the mosque and the minaret — the site and symbol of Muslim worship.

Under the Big Top in Cairo
Written and photographed by John Feeney

In Cairo today, clowns, acrobats and aerialists — along with lions, elephants, tigers and bears — maintain a spectacular tradition that goes back, some say, to Ptolemy II, 2,000 years ago.