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Volume 32, Number 6 November/December 1981

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November/December 1981
A Flying Tiger
Written and photographed by Torben B. Larsen

To make a meal of Arabia's Milkweed Butterfly—also called the Plain Tiger—is a challenge that most of the birds in Arabia have learned to avoid.

Amber Forever
Written by John M. Munro
Photographed by Aftim Acra

Prized by scientists and praised by poets amber, recently discovered in Lebanon, has the color of honey, the texture of stone and, deep within, beneath the surface, the story of life a million years ago.

Art of the Mamluks
Written by Elizabeth G. Simpson and Steve Earley

Between 1250 and 1517, the Mamluks of Egypt were among the greatest patrons of art in the history of Islam, as demonstrated by a stunning exhibition now touring the United States.

The Artist in Damascus
Written by Carol Hotchkiss Malt
Photographed by Katrina Thomas

Like Paris in the 20's, Damascus in the 80's is a special place for artists as they search for truth and themes in the traditions of the past and the splendors of the land.

The Last Survivor
Written by John Lawton
Photographed by Tor Eigeland

By going back to Egypt's Valley of the Kings, Richard Adamson, the only living member of the expedition that found King Tutankhamen's tomb, disproved the pharaohs legendary curse.