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Volume 33, Number 2 March/April 1982

In This Issue

March/April 1982
The Camel Bird of Arabia
Written by Caroline Stone
Illustrated by Brian Smith

They stand nine feet high, weigh 300 pounds, live up to 70 years, run 40 miles an hour and do not bury their heads in the sand— though the Romans had reason to think so.

The King’s Dictionary
Written by Barry Hoberman
Photographs courtesy of Peter Golden

In the 1970's, historians in the Yemen Arab Republic discovered the unique "Rasulid Hexaglot" a 14th-century, six-language dictionary written by a king—for fun.

The Marsh Arabs Revisited
Written and photographed by Michael Spencer

In the marshes of Iraq, an ancient life-style based on reeds and water buffalo exists cheek by jowl with modern technology: power lines, refrigerators, television sets and outboard motors.

Restoration of Damascus
Written by Phil McConnell

In Syria, a forward looking antiquities department has undertaken a challenging project: the first facelift—in 8,000 years — of Damascus, though t to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

Satellites, Sensors and Saudi Arabia: From high in space, a new perspective
Written by Aulis Lind

From some 570 miles in space, LANDSAT satellites, with sophisticated sensor systems, scan, measure and record reflected sunlight to produce unusual and invaluable "images" of the earth.