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Volume 33, Number 4 July/August 1982

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July/August 1982
A Description of the World
Written by Caroline Stone

Some experts say that Marco Polo never went to China at all, but in many cases his information on the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf has proven to be as accurate as it is fascinating.

The Marco Polo Route
Written and photographed by Michael Winn

To follow in the footsteps of the famous Venetian traveler Marco Polo, Harry Rutstein left his job, did his homework and set out on to travel to the "backdoor of Cathay."

Return of the Oryx
Written by Paul F. Hoye
Photographed by Mark Stanley-Price

In the central desert of Oman, the birth of a calf in March signaled the return of the Arabian Oryx — to the same deserts where, 10 years ago, the last wild herd was hunted down and either shot or captured.

The Wolf Trap Rescue
Written by Sybil Thurman
Photographed by Katrina Thomas

When fire wiped out the Wolf Trap Farm's famous theater tent this April, Saudi Arabian officials in the U.S.A. came to the rescue by flying in a tent from Dubai.

The World's Fair: 1982 - A Special Report
Written by Sybil Thurman
Photographed by David Luttrell

Fair Play — where "the focus is on the fun"A Welcome to the World—from the "ugliest" city in America The Saudi Pavilion — eternal values ...a quiet oasis.

The Yalooni Transfer
Written and photographed by Mark Stanley-Price

In 1964, Saudi Arabia shipped four oryx to the United States. Now, in San Diego, the offspring of those oryx were being sent to Oman — a milestone in man's efforts to preserve an endangered species.