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Volume 34, Number 1 January/February 1983

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January/February 1983
Alexine and the Nile
Written by Leo Hamalian
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

Burton, Baker, Speke and Grant are the great names in the search for the sources of the Nile—but one brave Dutchwoman—Alexine Thine—deserves to be remembered too.

By Bike to Dubai
Written and photographed by Tim Gartside

In Cairo last October, two cyclists mounted their lightweight, 10-speed bicycles and pedaled east—first stage of a trip to Dubai, final stage of a 6,500-mile trip from Italy to India.

Hunza: Shangri-La of Islam
Written by Michael Winn
Photographed by S. M. Amin

Hidden among the towering, ice-clad peaks of the Karakorum Mountains, astride the ancient Silk Road to China, is Hunza, the highest outpost of Islam in the world.

Paintings from the Past
Written by Martin Love
Photographs courtesy of Henri Lhote

In the caves and shelters of the Tassili plateau on the edge of Algeria's Saharan sands: some 800 paintings from the primitive past, preserved by an arid climate for all time and for all people.

A Philatelic Tour
Written by Robert Obojski

Stamps from the countries of the Middle East give the armchair traveler a fascinating tour of such wonders of the past as the Pyramids, the ruins at Baalbek, Petra and countless others.