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Volume 34, Number 2 March/April 1983

In This Issue

March/April 1983
The Dragons of Al-Hasa
Written and photographed by A. R. Pittaway

The fierce looking dragonfly is well named — once the largest flying insect in existence, it can still eat its own weight in 30 minutes.

Edgar Allan and the East
Written by William Goldhurst

Though few realize it, Edgar Allan Poe, father of the modern psychological horror story, drew deeply on the Middle East for inspiration.

Gibran Remembered
Written by Aileen Vincent-Barwood
Illustrated by Norman MacDonald

From Beirut to Boston, this year they're remembering—and honoring—Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran, on the occasion of his centennial.

The King of Ghassan
Written by Barry Hoberman
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

Al-Harith Ibn Jabala, the Arab king who united the tribes of Syria, played an important role in struggles between the Greeks and Iranians.

Renewal in Baghdad
Written by John Bulloch
Photographed by Jill Brown

With one electrifying speech, Iraqi architect Dr. Ihsan Fethi helped launch one of the biggest urban renewal projects in the Arab world.

The Spokesmen: Arabs at the UN
Written and photographed by Aileen Vincent-Barwood

Dedicated Arab delegates to the UN teach, travel, lecture, write, and, above all, serve with distinction both their country and the world.

A Strange Little Book
Written by Mikhail Naimy

Kahlil Gibran knew from the beginning that this slight, philosophical, aphoristic work was special; so far it has sold seven million copies.

A Tradition In Peril
Written by John Lawton and Aysen Akpinar

Turkey's lovely, traditional, and warmly weathered wooden homes stand little chance of survival in the modern age—unless planners act now.