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Volume 34, Number 4 July/August 1983

In This Issue

July/August 1983
Arabic and Arwri
Written by Barbara Paulsen
Photographed by Steve Earley

John Wilson had passed the U.S. State Departments tough Foreign Service exam, but the toughest part was still ahead: he had to learn Arabic. Fortunately, a teacher called Arwri was around to help.

The First Muezzin
Written by Barry Hoberman
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

Heard once, it is never forgottenthe adhan, Islam's stirring, evocative call to prayer, echoing from a minaret in the sonorous voice of the man they call muezzin.

Gilgamesh – by Gardner
Written by John R. Maier
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

At the time of his death, John Gardner, whose novels centered on life in small-town America, had just completed a totally untypical work: a new treatment of an ancient classic: The Epic of Gilgamesh.

In the Alps of Arabia
Written by Torben B. Larsen
Photographed by John Wood

On the flanks of Arabia two mountain ranges, standing high above the Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea, nourish species of plants with distant—and ancient—origins.

The Meroitic Mystery: From Nubia—the land of Kush—a language lost in history
Written and photographed by Krzysztof Grzymski

In the "Land of Kush" in the Sudan, the region called Meroe gave its name to a culture and a language—a lost language called "Meroitic" whose structure has defied the experts for 138 years.

Mirrors of the Past
Written and photographed by Ann Stewart Anderson

On farms and in villages, in shops, shipyards and factories, today's Egyptians provide startling mirrors of Egypt's pharaonic past as captured by pharaonic artists.