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Volume 34, Number 6 November/December 1983

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November/December 1983
The Bonfils Story: A Special Section
Written by William H. Rockett
Photographed by Félix Bonfils

At Harvard, in 1970, the explosion of a bomb accidentally disclosed 28,000 lost photographs of the Middle Eastsome of them by a remarkable family named Bonfils.

A Gift for the Sultan
Written by Peter English
Illustrated by Michael Grimsdale

When Queen Elizabeth I wanted to pacify the Ottoman Sultan, she sent Thomas Dallam to Istanbul—with agift that the Turks would not soon forget.

Olympics in the Nearest East
Written by Brian Clark and Arlene Mueller

This February in Yugoslavia, Sarajevo—powder keg of the First World War—will host the 1984 Winter Olympics in an ambience rich with mementos of its Muslim past.

Rivers of Sand
Written by Sybil Thurman
Photographed by Carol S. Breed

Thanks to a change in schedule, a super-sensitive radar sensor—and good luck—scientists have peeled back the surface of the Sahara to disclose a hidden network of rivers beneath the sands.

Strange Bedfellows
Written by Torben B. Larsen
Illustrated by Kiki Larsen

To butterflies called "Blues," the sharp jaws of the ant may mean protection, not danger—because these creatures have a deal called "commensalism."